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Helping the world’s most ambitious content creators reach their full creative potential. With a billion hours watched every day, by almost a third of the internet’s daily users, YouTube has transformed media and entertainment by enabling the millions of creators behind their user-generated content to thrive. For creators that have reached 10,000 or more subscribers on the platform, YouTube Space provides free and exclusive access to custom-built film studios and co-working spaces, state of the art equipment, industry experts, and global brands; via their seven permanent spaces around the world, touring pop-ups, and online services.

The YouTube Space brand needed to drive a sense of excitement and aspiration amongst creators and brands alike — it needed to feel as creative on the outside as it is on the inside. It also had to clearly differentiate from other YouTube communications, whilst creating a suitably strong association to capitalise on the credibility of the globally recognised master brand. Lastly, it needed to be highly flexible and easy to use, to keep the high frequency of communications feeling fresh and varied, but consistent and recognisable.

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Client Thoughts...

"Multi Adaptor was the missing link to defining and launching our brand identity. They fully immersed themselves in our world, delivering not only the creativity and imagination we needed, but a dedication to not stop until we got things just right"